Albany International paper machine clothing, industrial marketing Europe.

Albany International is the world’s leading producer of Paper Machine Clothing (PMC), which consists of solution-focused, custom-designed fabrics and belts that are critical for the formation and transport of the paper sheet through the paper machine.

Although PMC represents a small proportion (approximately 2 percent) of the total cost to manufacture paper, paperboard, pulp, or tissue, it can have a significant impact on the quality of the paper, the efficiency of a machine, and machine production rates. The Machine Clothing segment includes two product families of fabrics and belts: Paper Machine Clothing and Engineered Fabrics.

JTP Branding Marketing has been an engaged marketing partner for Albany International in Europe. We’ve loved to work for this very interesting international, industrial client.

We’ve developed and realized a lot of product brochures, folders, annual reports, technical art-work, product ads and brand campaigns in international paper industry magazines.