Great value for money.

What we promise here, is rare and rather revolutionary. With our high value expertise, engagement and value we are absolutely worth the higher fees in the market. However, we can work for much lower fees due to our smart business philosophy. We are primary not focused on money, but on the challenge, fulfilment and a valuable growth. We are striving for the ‘ikigai’ balance in our personal and working life.

Okay, how do you get so much more value for money
with JTP Brandinghouse?

  • all expertise + work for the same fee: 5 x 2 hours performance sprints = €600 per day ex VAT
  • so high value without the extreme fees of €1000-2000 per day or calculation per hour
  • all-in meetings/interactions, workflow process management, office expenses
  • all-in intellectual property and unlimited copyrights
  • for clear cases we can also make a fixed fee arrangement
  • we have lubricated [digital] processes and eliminate waste as much as possible
  • we are very happy with our clients, work and earnings, without difficult things


We love to contribute to meaningful brands, a well-balanced economy and a healthy, sustainable society.

Discover our team, call us +31.26.4435454 or mail Désirée.

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Hallo kan ik je helpen?
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