Dutch glory Royal Friesland Foods grew to the global dairy giant Royal FrieslandCampina.

Royal Friesland Foods [formerly Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods] founded 1879 and Campina were the two largest dairy cooperations in the Netherlands. After the merger in 2008 Royal FrieslandCampina became the 3rd largest dairy company in the world. Friesche Vlag was the strong Dutch umbrella brand for many dairy products.

More than a decade we were very pleased to be part of this Dutch glory. With employer branding strategies, internal branding, crossmedia campaigns, internal communication newsletters, training programs Foodwise, continuous improvement WCOM, employees sports events, and many other internal brand activations.

Excellent performances with Friesland Foods World Class Operations Management.

This program -conceptualized as FF1- was a big issue within all the Western Europe dairy production plants of Friesland Foods Fresh Operations. The perfect tuning of people, machines and methods must lead to less waste in the production processes. Excellent performances have been achieved in just a few years. It was great to be a trusted partner for a scope of internal branding and communication activities related to organizational improvements at Friesland Foods.

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