The Dutch East Indies' Labrijn and Van Motman families culture dates back to the 18th century.

My ancestors come from Western Europe and South East Asia and built their lives on West Java in the Dutch East Indies from 1790. In the beautiful natural surroundings of Buitenzorg [now Bogor] my grandparents, parents and entire families Labrijn and Van Motman have lived on their estates until their painful migration to the Netherlands. In 1956 generations of pioneering heritage had to be left behind, due to the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

Both Labrijn as well Van Motman are included in the List Of Dutch Patrician Families. The requirement must be met that the family has continuously played a prominent role in Dutch society for at least the last 150 years. The Van Motman family culture has been made insightful, among other things, in the non-fiction novel Heren van de Thee [The Tea Lords] written by the grande dame of Dutch literature Hella S. Haasse. Percy Labrijn wants to contribute as much as possible to society in order to honour the family roots as a pioneer and patrician.

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