professional management: Percy R. Tjan Labrijn
operational management: Désirée I.G.M. Albers
engaged team members: 16 experts
 and partners

established: November 1991
founders: Percy R. Tjan Labrijn + Roel G. Jansen
ownership since 1996: Percy R. Tjan Labrijn 100%
group company: JTP Reclamebureau BV, The Netherlands
group company: JTP International bvba, Belgium
group company: Golf2Grow, Europe

work flow worldwide: 20% of budgets euro 250,000 > 1000,000
work flow europe: 40% of budgets euro 100,000 > 250,000
work flow the netherlands: 40% of budgets euro 50,000 > 100,000

work flow industrial and business-to-business channels: 20% of activities
work flow retail to consumer channels: 40% of activities
work flow company/brand tot consumer channels: 40% of activities


Hartelijke groet, Percy