1883 Park Sacré Coeur, Bird & Botanical Garden and majestic Hotel

At the end of the 19th century the Velperweg in Arnhem was one of the most famous roads in the Netherlands, with a Dutch East Indies' signature.

Nowhere was such a prestigious row of villas, mansions and estates with beautiful gardens. The glory time peaked with the groundbreaking horse tram, from 1880. That's why our coach house was created. The building is adjacent to the Park Sacré Coeur where a Dutch East Indies' Bird & Botanical Garden and a majestic hotel were located in 1883. 

In 2001 Percy Labrijn bought this monumental coach house and completely renovated it. JTP Brandinghouse has been very well housed at the Velperweg 26-82-160 since its founding in 1991. Our staff and relationships love this inspiring place.

In 2006 Dutch East Indies' monument 'Sawah Belanda' was installed in the public park. It was created by the local 2nd generation Indo sisters Joyce and Marion Bloem. Across the road is The Bronbeek Royal Home for Retired Military Personnel and Bronbeek Museum commemorate the Dutch East Indies' unique history. Est. 1820 and 1854-1859 owned and enriched by King Willem III. The stately road and surroundings as well our company maintain a certain Dutch East Indies' signature.

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