Witteveen Menstore the superb fashion retail experience downtown Arnhem.

For 50 years, Witteveen Mens Shop has been an established name in Arnhem. Anil Gök is the new ambitious business owner since 08.2018. He worked with a clear vision on the transformation to a contemporary business model and brand strategy. In the Bakkerstraat a multi-brand experience store of international allure has been made out of two monumental buildings. This is outstanding and will certainly be highly appreciated by all men in the wider region.

In the meantime, we've enjoyed working on a high quality brand concept in collaboration with Anil and interior architect Fons Kooymans. Only the valuable brand name WITTEVEEN has been retained, but everything else has been newly created. Brand identity and positioning, crossmedia visual designs, typography, packagings, signages, instore experiences, promotions, content, social media, inspiring website, online campaigns, and various store attributes such as clothes hangers.

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Would you like to discover more about us? You can call us at +31.264435454

You're most welcome in our monumental coach house on the Velperweg in the creative city of Arnhem. Of course we would also be happy to come to you. With lovingkindness, Percy Labrijn - Désirée Albers
Velperweg 160  Arnhem  the Netherlands
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