ZekerWeten diagnostiek@rijnstate, the new high-quality brand for a medical diagnostic expert centre.

ZekerWeten diagnostiek@rijnstate is a new agile organization and high-quality brand. An independent medical diagnostic expertise centre of Rijnstate Hospital for the region Arnhem, Rheden, De Liemers and Betuwe. With hundreds of professionals they support the healthcare providers and patients with the full range of diagnostic tests and research. The big value proposition is that this takes place in a hospital.

After a thorough business case study, we developed the brand identity and positioning. How can this be outstanding positioned as a brand? Innovative, highly distinctive and competitive? Which brand values and personality? Which catchy brand name? 

Our branding team came up with a highly appreciated brand strategy, a clear brand positioning concept and the meaningful brand name ZekerWeten [ForSure]. After the necessary sessions, client considerations of doctors, board, test panels, government approvals and brand surveys we rocketlaunched the brand in 2015. The graphic design studio Simons and Boom further realized the logo and brand identity. 


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